About Slok

First there was a truck…

The first seed of what eventually would result in SLOK was planted a couple of years ago,somewhere in the streets of Brussels. Rich & Charlotte promised each other to do what we love and – most importantly – to do it together as it became clear we both had a soft spot for entrepreneurship. As time passed, our interest in spirits and non-alcoholic spirits matured and we became determined to transform it into a business plan. Once we settled on the idea of becoming mixologists, we tumbled into the next quest: realizing a concept and figuring out how to do it.

With determination to create a unique experience we started looking for a truck. One day a Burgundy Citroën HY popped up on our screen and like every self-respecting millennial we plunged into the adventure. So suddenly there was a truck…

… and then there was a brand

SLOK is a brand that relies on three core values: creating an experience for our guests, making honest and responsible choices and doing everything with a personal touch (please do not take this literally). These values take a prominent place in the products we offer and the way we serve the drinks.

Mocktails and cocktails made with qualitative ingredients is what we stand for. Not only the tonics, herbs and fruits are carefully picked, but we consciously select our spirits and non-alcoholic spirits based on the quality and the story behind the drink. We believe that working with high-end products while taking the ecological and local aspect into account is imperative to a durable vision. SLOK strives to give mocktails and their consumers the credit they deserve. Therefore, mocktails and cocktails are equally represented on our menu.

Apart from the drinks, we take a lot of pride in the way SLOK operates. We invested a lot of time and effort in the renovation of the truck. The story behind the car and its history were preserved while keeping our personal priorities from practical and ecological point of view on top of mind. The truck is fully autonomous and self-sufficient when it comes to water and energy. For the latter we rely on our zero emission power stations that are integrated in the truck.

What initially started with a promise resulted in a fun but responsible brand in which a lot of passion, research and friendship was poured.

Our offer

SLOK can cater a wide range of events and be a unique eyecatcher on your wedding, company event, birthday party or family gathering. Or even if you feel like throwing together a spontaneous Friday evening get-together.

As mentioned in our story, SLOK serves high quality mocktails and cocktails in a remarkable setting. We have put extensive research and tasting in the selection of the drinks and the used ingredients. All drinks can be served at your event thanks to our fully autonomous truck. This means we are ready to shake and serve cold drinks at every location.

If you made it this far on our website, our core values are most likely aligned and you might wonder about the price tag. You can find a first price estimation below. All the prices mentioned on our website include VAT or we can exclude VAT to make it look less pricey.


The average price of a mocktail is €4.5 and €8 for a cocktail. This is only an indication and can vary based on the type of mocktails or cocktails you want. Next to this price per drink, we charge €350 to drive our Burgundy eyecatcher to your event, anywhere in Belgium!

To translate the pricing into a real-life example: for an event with 100 people, where 50 mocktails and 100 cocktails are consumed it will cost about €1.375 VAT incl.

Below you can find a first selection of our favourite mocktails and cocktails that we can bring to your venue. Not really your thing or you would like something else? No worry, we can switch up the menu and serve a selection based on your personal preferences.

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Below you can find our phone number, but we also included a contact form if you feel more comfortable dropping us a mail (we are aware that millennials are not big fans of calling).
2. We will come back with answers, a proposal and/or pricing. if you are interested, you book us for your event.
3. We drive our truck to your venue on D-day and help create an unforgettable event.

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